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 Quarter Century in Aviation Constitution and By-Laws continued...

  1. Membership Cards
    Membership Cards will be issued to all members on payment of dues. Such cards shall be signed by the President and Secretary, and shall indicate the month and each year that the membership will expire.

  2. Amendments to the By-Laws
    These By-Laws may be amended, repealed or added to by “Extraordinary Resolutions”. For the purpose of these by-laws an Extraordinary Resolution shall mean a resolution passed by a three-quarters (¾) majority vote of members in good standing present in person at any General Meeting, provided that the notice to propose such Extraordinary Resolution has been sent to all members at least two weeks in advance of the date of such meeting.

  3. Quorum
    A quorum at any General Meeting shall be twenty-five percent (25%) of members in good standing.

  4. Voting
    All members in good standing with the exception of Honorary Members shall have one vote.

  5. Order of Business
    The order of business at any meeting shall be:
    1. Call to order by the Chairman
    2. Tribute to deceased members
    3. Introduction of guests
    4. Approval of minutes of previous meeting
    5. Business arising out of the minutes
    6. Reports of Officers
    7. Correspondence
    8. Unfinished Business
    9. New Business
    10. Adjournment

    In matters of procedure the criterion shall be “Robert’s Rules of Order”.

  6. Membership
    There shall be four classes of Membership: Active, Associate, Honorary and Life.

    a. An Active Member is one who is or has been engaged in or associated with aviation for a minimum of twenty-five years, who has regularly applied for and has been duly accepted into the membership of The Club or the widower of a deceased Active Member.

    b. An Associate Member is one who is or has been engaged in or associated with aviation but has not reached the requisite twenty-five years. Upon reaching the requisite twenty-five years the member may request a change of status to become an Active member.

    c. An Honorary Member is one who in the opinion of the Board of Directors is worthy to be named such by virtue of extra long service in or significant contribution to Aviation. Honorary members shall not have a vote nor be eligible to hold office in The Club. They shall have all other privileges of membership, but shall not be subject to annual dues. Honorary Membership shall automatically terminate at the end of the fiscal year, however the Board of Directors may, by resolution, continue such Honorary Membership from year to year.

    d. A Life Membership may be conferred on one who, at the discretion of The Board of Directors, is worthy of the honor for one or more of the following reasons:
    i. Has rendered meritorious service to aviation
    ii. Is a pensioner who has been an active member and has rendered extraordinary service in the interests and welfare of The Club.
    iii. Life members shall enjoy all the privileges of The Club and shall not pay annual dues.

    e. The Board of Directors shall appoint and approve all Honorary and Life Members, but no such appointment shall become effective unless ratified by a majority vote of members in good standing at the next General Meeting.