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Quarter Century in Aviation Constitution and By-Laws continued...

    1. Duties of Officers
      a. The President shall preside at all meetings of The Club and the Board of Directors. The President shall appoint all standing and special Committees unless otherwise provided herein and shall conduct the business of The Club in accordance with the Constitution and By-laws.

      b. The Vice President shall act for the President at all General of Board Meetings whenever the latter is absent or unable to act. In addition, shall perform all duties delegated by the President.

      c. The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all meetings; issue all notices; keep the records of The Club; and, be prepared at any reasonable time to display them to a member in good standing; and, in conjunction with the Director of Membership, keep the membership rolls and issue membership cards; supervise and count the balloting at the elections.;

      d. The Treasurer shall sign all cheques, bonds or other negotiable paper of The Club; to keep the financial records and guard and bank the funds of The Club; to present an interim report at each meeting showing receipts and disbursements of the previous meeting; to present a report at the Annual General Meeting on the state and condition of The Club’s finances; and, to be prepared at any reasonable hour to display the accounts and books of The Club to a member in good standing.

      e. The Director of Membership shall in conjunction with the Secretary, keep the membership rolls and issue membership cards; conduct, supervise and count the balloting at the elections.

    2. Remuneration of Officers
      All officers of The Club shall serve without remuneration.

    3. Financial Reviewers
      The accounts and books of The Club shall be examined at the end of each fiscal year and their correctness certified by one or more financial reviewers appointed by the Board of Directors.

    4. Execution of Instruments
      a) The Club will not have a seal.

      b) Contracts, documents or other instruments in writing requiring the signature of The Club may be signed as follows:
        i) By the President or the Secretary together with one other director, or
        ii) In the event that the President and/or Secretary is unable to provide a signature, by any two officers as the Board of Directors may by properly   adopted resolution designate and all contracts, documents and instruments in writing so signed will be binding upon The Club without any further authorization or formality.