Quarter Century in Aviation Club History

qcac founders

Our Founding Members circa 1952

This Club was formed in 1952 in Vancouver by Bill Windrum, a pilot who flew for Canadian Airways out of Thunder Bay, Prince Albert and Edmonton. While a member of management at Canadian Pacific Airlines in Vancouver, Bill wanted to find a venue where people from all areas of Aviation could meet as friends to share their experiences without interference from the constraints of competition that were common in this fledgling industry.

The Club Archives do not reveal how the founding members settled on ‘A Quarter Century in Aviation’ as the threshold for membership. Considering that the Wright Brothers had made their first successful flight only forty-nine years earlier, individuals with twenty-five years in the industry in 1952 would have formed a very exclusive group. The inaugural dinner meeting was held at the Alcazar Hotel in Vancouver with twenty two charter members in attendance Dinner was $3.00, the drinks were three for a dollar and Annual dues were set at $5.00.