Dinner Meeting Minutes for October 21, 2014

After an excellent social time we had a lovely Ham buffet dinner with all fixings. President Peter Van Hee brought the meeting to order at 1905. After giving a short bio and introduction of our speaker John Horton and his wife Mary, who incidentally worked for CPAir, he paid tribute to the members who had passed including Brick Bradford, Larry Reeves, John Spronk, Earle Fleming and Ron Williams. May they Rest in Peace.

Dinner Meeting Minutes for November 18, 2014

Meeting called to order at 1910. Peter Van Hee recognized Dave Solloway of Canada Jetlines as our speaker.
New members were recognised: Henry Tenby, Bill Holloway and Brian Mc Lean
Guests: Beverly Snow from Calgary, Phil Gohier.
Minutes of last meeting: approved by Bob Rorison, 2nd by Ed Scott.
Membership: John Laing we have 61 cards paid for this next year.

Dinner Meeting Minutes for February 18, 2014

This was Ladies Night. Dave Stafford brought some lovely orchids for each lady, which were much appreciated. After a delicious chicken buffet dinner, with all the fixings, we had 68 members and guests.

After dinner came the Business Meeting. President Peter Van Hee welcomed everyone at 1920 hrs. He quickly presented our guests from the Museum of flight. Bill Findlay, Terry Brunner, Mike Luedey.

A moment silence in tribute to passed members and friends with a moment of silence.Specifically it was noted that Ken Bjorge had passed away.

John Laing moved and Ed Scott seconded a motion to approve the minutes of the last meeting as circulated to the membership. The motion passed.

Dinner Meeting Minutes for March 18, 2014

After an excellent social time we had a lovely Ham buffet dinner with all fixings. President Peter Van Hee brought the meeting to order at 19:07. After greetings to all members and guests he asked if any members or colleagues were ill or had passed away. Thankfully, apparently none.
Guests: Jean Tricket and a past member, Wayne D. Ralph.

Minutes of last meeting were moved by John Laing and seconded by Ed Scott that they be approved as circulated. Motion passed. A motion by Gord Hercus that we donate an amount to the Canadian Museum of Flight in Langley was seconded by Peter Sleeman and put to the floor. After some discussion both for and against the motion, the motion was withdrawn. Tony Swain talked about donating individually because as individuals we can get a tax receipt there from. Gord Hercus then suggested that at our next meeting, the AGM, we collect cheques from those individuals willing to donate and send them to the Canadian Museum of Flight Association under a letter from this Club. This would indicate not only our individual concern for the Museum but also that it is a QCAC effort. All present seemed to approve of such an action. It was them moved by Dave Bastien, Seconded by Bob Rorison that it be moved for acceptance. This motion passed.

Dinner Meeting Minutes for April 15, 2014

We had a great pre dinner social time. This was followed at 18:00 by a baron of beef buffet with salads and all the trimmings. The meal was excellent as usual.
At 19:13, our President, Peter Van Hee, opened the meeting with a warm welcome to the members and the guests present. He mentioned that this meeting being the AGM, there would be nominations from the floor and elections would take place.
Peter asked if the were any members known to be ill. Dave Stafford advised that Delores De Paiva is not well and is in Richmond Hospital. It was also mentioned that Peter Duffy and  Rudy Hoffman are both in VGH but separated by one floor.  Any of the three members would love to receive visitors.