Dinner Meeting Minutes for April 15, 2014

We had a great pre dinner social time. This was followed at 18:00 by a baron of beef buffet with salads and all the trimmings. The meal was excellent as usual.
At 19:13, our President, Peter Van Hee, opened the meeting with a warm welcome to the members and the guests present. He mentioned that this meeting being the AGM, there would be nominations from the floor and elections would take place.
Peter asked if the were any members known to be ill. Dave Stafford advised that Delores De Paiva is not well and is in Richmond Hospital. It was also mentioned that Peter Duffy and  Rudy Hoffman are both in VGH but separated by one floor.  Any of the three members would love to receive visitors.

Peter Sleeman advised that Peter Mills had passed as had Chuck Roberts a well known engineer from the Campbell River area.  Jonah Frieson and David Fairweather, ex Air Canada, had also passed away. President Van Hee asked for moment of silence to remember them.

Peter Sleeman introduced his guests.  Tony Swain introduced his guest. Hilmer Anderson’s daughter was here with him as was his granddaughter who was visiting enroute to her home in Ottawa. There were two more introductions but your scribe was unable to get their names.

The Minutes of last meeting were accepted as circulated on a motion by John Laing which was seconded by Donn Richardson. Motion passed.

Membership: John Laing advised that we had 91 members of which 81 were in good standing.

Peter Van Hee advised that the website is progressing along very well. He thanked members Wayne Albertson and Alan Rust for keeping it up to date. They are building a good site and we encourage all members to read it often.

Discussion was raised re a donation of money to the Canadian Museum of Flight in Langley. The club is collecting cheques and will forward them to the museum. Otherwise members who want to can send a donation directly to the Museum.  Either way, the member so donating will be issued a tax receipt for donations amounts over $20.00.

Board elections were run by Ed Scott the Immediate Past President who noted that volunteers for office are needed. You will note that he retained this position for another season.

Principal Officers:

Peter Van Hee was the sole nominee as President, after acceptance was acclaimed.
Bob Rorison was the sole nominee as Vice President, after acceptance was acclaimed.
Maureen Otway was the sole nominee as Secretary after acceptance was acclaimed.
Dave Bastien was the sole nominee as Treasurer after acceptance was acclaimed.


John Laing was the sole nominee as Director - Membership, after acceptance was acclaimed
Bruce Bell was sole nominee as Director - Phoning Committee, after acceptance was acclaimed.
Dave Stafford was sole nominee as Director at large, after acceptance was acclaimed.  
Wayne Albertson was a sole nominee as Webmaster, after acceptance was acclaimed.
Peter Sleeman has agreed to remain the Financial Reviewer for the new year.

Bruce Bell took a moment to thank all his committee members for their hard work this past year.

Break for 10 minutes.

Peter Van Hee introduced our guest speaker, Pam Ryan. She is the Director of Planning and Public Relations for the George Massey Tunnel replacement project for the Provincial Department of Transportation. She presented an overview of this upcoming program. The project is the Highway 99 corridor for trade and tourism gateway. It is a commuter route as well as a truck and bike friendly route.

Currently the tunnel carries 80,000 vehicles per day and is the only counter flow crossing route in the lower mainland. This route runs from the border to Bridgeport Road. Constructing a bridge is the best in view of the experts. The engineers went down over 330 metres before they hit gravel!! It is expected to be a cable stay bridge with open span similar to the Alex Fraser. This means that there will be no pillars in the river. They have had lots of input on where to put it but it will be approximately over top of the existing tunnel. They need space for bikes and walkers as well. The plan calls for extended HOV lanes over the bridge which will permit easier flow of traffic. For the most part they will not require any more agricultural land as the current right of way is sufficiently wide.

Seismic conditions of the current tunnel need to be addressed. The tunnel has only 10-15 years of use left without a huge renovation. The bridge is seen as the best alternative and is envisioned to be a minimum of 6 but more likely 8 lanes. The bridge will have room for and be engineered to hold a light rail line under the span deck for later expansion.
Population growth to 2041 is expected to be upwards of 48% for the lower mainland. By that time the Surrey population is projected to be bigger than Vancouver.

After the bridge has been finished the tunnel will be removed for environmental and economical reasons.

Many consultations were done to get a feel for what is needed for our future. Environmental reviews will continue be done. 2017 is the projected expected start date to be finished in 5 years.

The question and answer period proved popular and many questions were asked and answered.
Peter thanked Pam for her excellent presentation.


A club logo hat was presented to the speaker Pam Ryan as a thank you from the Club.
Hats were won by: Fritz Dahl, Dennis Elton, Mel Neidig, Al Martin, Trudy Terpening, Gordon Tollman and Al Sharp.
Marlin Travel donated a travellers wallet which was won by Fraser Jansen.
Travel bags were won by Robin Hart and Don Johnson
A Gift bag was won by Gwen Martin.
A travel kit was won by Tony Swain.
A mystery package was won by John Clark.

The Grand Prize, a $100 gift card for the Cactus Club, was won by Freda Fransen.

The meeting closed at 2100. The new season starts in 21 October 14.

Please remember to keep checking the web site www.quartercenturyclub.ca for updates as the Summer progresses. We may be having a summer luncheon and will endeavour to take the Canadian Aviation Museum up on their offer this summer so keep checking!