Dinner Meeting Minutes for October 21, 2014

After an excellent social time we had a lovely Ham buffet dinner with all fixings. President Peter Van Hee brought the meeting to order at 1905. After giving a short bio and introduction of our speaker John Horton and his wife Mary, who incidentally worked for CPAir, he paid tribute to the members who had passed including Brick Bradford, Larry Reeves, John Spronk, Earle Fleming and Ron Williams. May they Rest in Peace.

Members Rex Terpenning at 101 years young and Bill Marr were acknowledged. Guests acknowledged later in the evening were Bill Marr’s son and a second guest, Grover Sinclair a Captain with CPAir for 35 years. A friend of Bruce Bell named Valerie was also acknowledged.
President VanHee advised the membership present that our Treasurer, David Bastien had resigned his office due to health and that he will be sorely missed. He has renewed his membership so we will see him back at the meetings in time.
Minutes of the last meeting which was the Annual General Meeting were approved as distributed by e-mail. Motion passed.

Business arising from the Minutes: A question was asked by Gord Hercus as to the amount that we donated to the Canadian Museum of Flight. President VanHee said that he believed the amount was about $250 from four members. That amount could be confirmed by the Museum and that the Museum had been thankful for that donation. Peter believed that the Museum and our own Club have a mutual understanding between us.

Treasurers report: There was no Treasurers Report. Director Laing reported that there would be a report for next meeting and while on his feet mentioned that the Membership this evening was at 39 Members with 47 total present.

The break was called and during the break, member Harold Thomas volunteered to help as Treasurer. 

Our presentation by Artist and Lecturer John Horton started at 7:30 PM. He gave an overview of the Fraser River from thousands of years ago to the present showing how it has developed into what is one of the most important industrial hubs in the lower mainland. His presentation was well received and over by 8:20PM.

During the lecture, Director Laing confirmed with Harold Thomas that he was fine with being appointed a Director and also confirmed with the Directors present that they were all amenable to the appointment of Harold Thomas as a Director pursuant to the By-laws Article 19(f). They were in agreement that he should be.

Our Lecturer, John Horton was awarded a Club Hat as a thank-you for his time and effort.
Door Prizes were as follows:
Hats: Kucki Low, Thelma Stefaniuk, Rex Terpenning (picked up by Harry Baedek), and Harry Baedek himself.
Wine: (donated by Dave Stafford): Ed Scott and Dennis Elton.
Hat: T.C.A. collectable won by Jerry Vernon.

Prior to adjournment, President VanHee announced that we now had 40 members with the addition of Kucki Low and further that Harold Thomas had been appointed a Director and Treasurer (Pro tem) in accordance with our By-law 19(f) which by-law was read out for clarification to the members.

The Meeting was adjourned at 20:35.

Respectfully submitted – John M. Laing, Director (Secretary pro tem)


18 NOVEMBER 14 at the Richmond Curling Club.
Social : 1700
Dinner: 1800
Presentation: 1900
Meal will be a Chicken buffet with all the fixings, with dessert, tea and coffee
Cost $25.00 per person
No Host bar