Dinner Meeting Minutes for October 20, 2015

Just prior to dinner, Dennis Baxendale showed a quick presentation on the “Catalina Preservation Society” and their Website: www.pbycatalina.com . They have a flying Canso and are interested in those who would like to join their society. The aircraft, based in Victoria, is ex. RCAF 11024 and is civilly registered as C-FUAW. Check out their website and his story on the site.

Dinner Meeting Minutes for January 15, 2015

Peter Van Hee, President welcomed members and guests to the new meeting for this year.
We all enjoyed a Roast beef buffet dinner with all the fixings.
Peter advised that no members have passed away.
Dave Stafford advised we have a notice board at each meeting with notices of aviation workers that have passed but were not members of the club.
This board will also have the new member’s application forms each month as we can see where they worked. Maybe you knew them?
Peter also welcomed back Ron Shackelly who has not been to a meeting for a while, also welcomed new members Phil Gohier and Glenn Oerzen.

Dinner Meeting minutes for February 17, 2015

After a social hour we had a delicious roast chicken with mushroom sauce buffet with all the fixings at 18:10.

Peter brought the meeting to order at 19:10. We did not have any members pass away this month.

There was a memorial for Captain Charles Wilson who was also a Canadian Museum of Flight member.

Peter welcomed a new member to the club, Tom Muller ex CP Air.

Dinner Meeting minutes for March 17, 2015

Peter Van Hee, President welcomed everyone to our March meeting. 58 members and guests attended.
He advised members and guests who had passed away this month.
Captain John Sparks, a Pilot with CP Air for 36 years who passed away on 03 March 2015
Our respects go to John’s family.
John Laing then advised that Ed Scott’s wife was not well and was in hospital. She is getting better slowly.
We all wish her a speedy recovery.

 Dinner Meeting minutes for April 21, 2015

We had a great pre dinner social time. This was followed at 18:10 by a baron of beef buffet with salads and all the trimmings. The meal was excellent as usual.

At 19:15, President, Peter Van Hee, opened the meeting with a warm welcome to the members and the guests present. He mentioned that this meeting being the AGM, there would be nominations from the floor and elections would take place.