Dinner Meeting minutes for February 17, 2015

After a social hour we had a delicious roast chicken with mushroom sauce buffet with all the fixings at 18:10.

Peter brought the meeting to order at 19:10. We did not have any members pass away this month.

There was a memorial for Captain Charles Wilson who was also a Canadian Museum of Flight member.

Peter welcomed a new member to the club, Tom Muller ex CP Air.

Guests: Ed and Marianne were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. Dave Stafford brought Pat McEwen as a guest to dinner.

We were advised that Hilmer Anderson is in Fraser View Heights and would love some visitors. Ron Smith is also not so well.

Minutes of last meeting were approved as circulated by Dave Stafford, 2nd by John Laing.

Business arising from the last minutes. None

Membership: John Laing advised we now have 80 members in good standing we had 67 people attending the dinner.


Henry Tenby has posted information onto our Facebook site. Please take a look.

Gordon Hercus advised those with WW2 service that a new lapel war pin was being presented.

Jerry Vernon advised the pins were presented by veteran’s affairs in Ottawa.

Bruce Bell thanked the calling committee for getting all the people out to a meeting.

We had a short break.

Then Peter introduced our guest speaker, Cam Kowalski of RCMP based at YVR and he spoke on Lasers and Drones in Aviation. Cam has been with the RCMP for 25 years. He mentioned that Lasers are a big threat to airliners. Drones are also bad for aircraft should they be hit or ingested. He was the lead Security planner for the 2010 winter games. Was recruited to work with the games. Dealing with NORAD was an interesting assignment.

There was 41 days of restricted air space in the YVR area. He did over 150 briefings with pilots to advise airspace details.

Laser strikes why should we care? He presented several Navcan aviation reports on incidents. He told of a U.S. Air force loadmaster being hit by a laser at 31,000feet!! This is a very serious business. Instant vision loss etc.

Cam demonstrated a 10 Watt laser. A small 1 watt Laser can be viewed as far as 160 miles and cause very bad damage in the eyes. The comparison between the 1 and 10 watt laser was an amazing difference. The number of incidents are rising with usage. The police send a decoy helicopter to find where the laser is coming from. They have night vision and infra-red cameras to get the perpetrators. Sgt Kowalsky has developed a protocol in how to handle the lasers use and partners to train in finding them. Reporting system is now in place to apprehend the perpetrators. His protocol is being adopted all over North America. The future is to lobby and educate. Getting legislation to ban these lasers and drones comes from Parliament. He asked that people need to write to their MP to get a law in place to ban these lasers and drones close to an airport.

Peter thanked Cam for his excellent presentation. Pater also presented Cam with a club hat.

Door prizes:

• Dave Bastien won a TCA hat

• Club hats were won by John Laing, Mary Hillier, Isabel Johnston, John Klieg.

• Kuki Low won bottle of red wine

• Dennis Baxendale won a surprise gift

• Dolores de Paiva and Maureen Otway won a bottle of wine each.

• Murray McDonell won a book on the Green coats

• Lloyd Hillier and Pat McEwan won overnight kits

• Rex Terpening won a book on Canadian Airlines.

Meeting adjourned 2100hrs.

NOTICE OF MEETING. 17 March 15 Dinner Meeting

Speaker will be Kelly Williams. He is a professional engineer and flies model aeroplanes. He will be discussing Drones in our future. We hope he may bring some with him to demonstrate.

Dinner for the evening to be announced.