Dinner Meeting Minutes - January 19, 2016

Peter Van Hee, President, welcomed members and guests to our January dinner meeting. We had a delicious pork loin roast with all the fixings, including desserts and coffee and tea. Peter then called to order at 1900. Peter advised that no members or friends had passed away lately. Peter also welcomed a new member Gisela Watson and presented her with the membership pin. He also welcomed guests Marian Fisher ex airlines in Montreal. Visitors Valerie Merritt and Tony and Jean were introduced by Bruce Bell. Minutes presented by Maureen Otway of the November dinner meeting. They were 2nd by John Laing.

Dinner Meeting Minutes - February 16, 2016

After a lovely roast chicken dinner with all the fixings and desserts we had the business part of the evening. As this was Ladies Night, Dave Stafford had some lovely Orchid corsages for all the ladies in attendance. Thanks so much Dave.

Peter Van Hee called the meeting to order at 1900.
No members or friends have passed away. Jim McKeachie was back in hospital again after falling and breaking another hip! He has been released and is back home now. John Laing introduced a new member Roger Sharma. Guests were Marilyn Rorison, Helen ?, Martha Sleeman also Jean?

Dinner Meeting Minutes - March 15, 2016

1800 hrs. President Peter Van Hee greeted members and guests. We then had a delicious roast beef buffet, with lots of fixings and dessert.

1900hrs. Peter opened the meeting. He thanked the staff at the Curling Club for the service and food. He advised that this past month that we had heard of no deceased or illnesses to report. Peter then welcomed Mary Horton and her guest; as well as, Trudie & Rex Terpening’s daughter who was present from Whitehorse.

Minutes of the February meeting were moved to be accepted as circulated by John Laing, seconded by Dave Bastien.

Dinner Meeting Minutes - April 19, 2016

After a great Ham Dinner, President Peter Van Hee started the formal meeting at 1905 hours welcoming the 51 members and guests announcing that this was the last meeting of the season and that we need a few members to step forward tonight. He mentioned that Vice-president, Bob Rorison would be leading the charge for election this evening.

The speaker, Jack Cain, currently attached to the Canadian Coast Guard, presented a brief history of the Canadian Coast Guard and his own history. It was interesting to note that the Coast Guard formally started as late as 1962. Another item was that the Coast Guard will be down to two communication facilities Victoria and Prince Rupert on this coast. In case of an earthquake or other disaster those two stations may not be able to co-ordinate between each other.

Dinner Meeting Minutes - October 18, 2016

After a great Ham Dinner, President Harold Thomas started the formal meeting at 1900 hours welcoming the 40 members and guests announcing that this was the first meeting of the season and that we need a member to step forward as Treasurer tonight. He mentioned that our elected treasurer, Dave Bastien had suffered a recurrence of his cancer and, as such, was unable to carry on with his duties to the Club

Harold pointed out that there was an error on the Club cards regarding the date of the November meeting. It is the 15th. not the 21st as printed. He thanked our membership director for being able to get the cards printed at an advantageous rate this year - $0.00!
Next on the agenda was a tribute to deceased members. Since the last meeting thankfully only two names appeared, Don Calderbank and Rollie Back. A moment of silence was held in their honor.

Dinner Meeting Minutes - November 15, 2016

Harold Thomas, President welcomed us all to the meeting. We enjoyed a wonderful roast beef dinner with all the fixings. Thanks to the Richmond Curling club chef and staff.

  • Harold read a letter from Peter Van Hee who wrote that he was unable to attend as he has eye problems. Also a letter from Gordon Askin who at 93 cannot get about as well. But loves to read the website for all the news. John Laing our Membership guru had to leave early as his wife was due for an operation the next day.
  • Layla wife of Dave Bastion advised that he was going into hospice this week. Sad note we were just advised that Dave has passed away this morning. We had a minutes silence to mourn him.
  • We had a new member inducted to the club, Harry MacNeil signed up tonight.
  • Harold thanked the phoning committee as we had 45 people attending our meeting this evening.
  • Maureen Otway, Secretary moved the minutes from the last meeting in October be approved. Ed Scott 2nd. No business arising from the minutes.
  • Membership John Laing advised that we had 45 attending tonight. And asked that all members please pay their dues soonest.
  • Art Morrow, Treasurer spoke about Dave Bastien and his days when they worked together. He then presented the financial report.