Dinner Meeting Minutes - January 17, 2017

QCAC 17 Jan 2017 Dinner meeting at Richmond Curling Club

Meeting called to order 19:00 hrs by Harold Thomas, President.

We remembered our members that have passed away. George Service in January and Dave Bastien in November. Harold also advised that John Laing, Membership Chairman, is away due to a spider bite that needs attention at the hospital.

Guests for dinner were: John Service.

Harold thanked the phone committee for calling the members for this dinner. We had 40 members in attendance.

Minutes from the last dinner meeting in November were written by Maureen as Secretary and 2nd by Geordie Hercus. Motion passed.

Art Morrow, Treasurer presented the figures from the last meeting.

Dinner Meeting Minutes - February 21, 2017

QCAC 21 Feb 2017 Dinner meeting at Richmond Curling Club

Ladies Night

Harold Thomas, President welcomed all members and guests to the Ladies Night dinner.

We were treated to a very good chicken dinner and all the fixings. Thanks to the Curling Club and servers. Harold opened the meeting with a call to order. We then had a group picture taken by Jim Jorgenson of the members and guests. As this is our 65th Anniversary we will post the photo on our website.

The Scrap book is on the back table for members and guests to sign. Harry McNeill has taken the responsibility of keeping it up to date. Thanks so much Harry.

Harold asked if any members had passed away or were ill. Walt MacGregor ex CP air passed away. Also Roy Fullerton also ex CP air. Harold advised that Art Morrow is in hospital for an operation. Pete Sleeman’s had to race to see his twin brother who is very ill in Australia. Delores de Paiva was in a car accident and was very bruised but ok.

Dinner Meeting Minutes - March 21, 2017

QCAC 21 March 2017 Dinner Meeting

We had 48 people for dinner at the Richmond Curling Club. Excellent dinner of ham buffet and fixings. Thanks to the Club and the Chef and servers for a very good meal.

Harold Thomas welcomed all members and guests. Harold also asked that we all sign the membership book we have on the back table. Always nice to see who we have for a dinner.
Harold asked if we had any deceased members. We have Dennis Baxendale, Bruce Leggett ex CP. Also Delores de Paiva is back in the hospital after having a very bad car accident.
Harold also advised that Art Morrow will not be able to continue as Treasurer due to ill health. Bob Rorison kindly accepted to do this for the next year. Thanks Bob. Harold welcomed Al Sharp as he was back at the meeting. David Price is a guest this evening.

Harold thanked Jim Jorgensen who took a photograph of the group at the last meeting and had a few copies of the picture for those who wanted them. The picture will also be put up onto the Club website. Harold also thanked all those who brought the YVR newspaper to the meeting for members to read.

Dinner Meeting Minutes - April 18, 2017

QCAC 18 April 2017 Dinner Meeting and Annual General Meeting

Harold Thomas, President welcomed members and guests to the dinner and AGM. We then had a delicious Pork loin dinner buffet which was enjoyed by 40 of us. Harold advised that the scrap book was not here this evening. Look for it in October.

Harold asked of there were deceased members we could honour? Thankfully not this month. He also asked if there any ill or distressed members to mention? Harold has spoken to Art Morrow and advised that while Art was having a hard time, he did ask him to say “Hello” to all members. Dave Stafford advised that Delores de Paiva was slowly getting better after her bad car accident.

We had one guest for dinner, Dean Dacko an Aviation Consultant who came with Jim Scott of Canada Jetlines.

Harold thanked the phoning committee and Bruce Bell for their efforts in getting members to a meeting. The numbers were bang on!

Secretary: Maureen Otway presented her last minutes from 21 March dinner meeting. It was moved by Dave Stafford, 2nd by John Laing that they be accepted as distributed. The motion passed.

Membership: John Laing advised that we had 59 Members in good standing and 11 are overdue for this year. Don’t forget our New Year starts in October and we do need all payments by then. Thank you.

Change of Constitution and By-laws: Membership Director John Laing asked if all had perused the proposed Constitution and By-laws including the change in the Constitution to move Paragraph 3. of the Constitution to the By-laws and remove Paragraph 4, “The provisions contained in this Constitution, Part 1, are unalterable”, in its entirety. This draft was sent to all members by e-mail and regular mail to read and comment back to him. It should now comply with the new Societies Act of B.C. and update the Constitution and By-laws to reflect the practices we now use. It was moved by Bruce Bell and seconded by Ed Scott that the draft be adopted as presented. On question being called, this motion was unanimously carried.

Dinner Meeting Minutes - October 17, 2017

QCAC 17 October 2017 Dinner Meeting

Meeting called to order at 1900 by Harold Thomas. There were 49 at dinner. He announced that Eva Mossop turned 96 in August and proposed a Happy Belated Birthday and gave her best wishes on behalf of the Club. On this our first meeting of the new season he asked if any of the Members knew of a member not here that had passed away. None were mentioned. We heard that Delores de Paiva is coming along after her car accident. Art Morrow is also feeling somewhat better. Tony Swain’s friend Jean has had a quadruple bypass.

It is noted that the scrap book was not here this month.

Dinner Meeting Minutes - November 21, 2017

QCAC November 21, 2017 Dinner Meeting Minutes

Harold Thomas, President called us for dinner at 1800 hrs. We had a delicious Roast beef buffet. What a treat to get some decent meat.

After dinner Harold called the meeting to order at 1910 hrs.

Harold then asked that any members who have not done so please sign the scrap book at the back table. This is for our records update. He then asked if any members have passed away. George Heinmiller who worked for CP Air had passed away. Ed Scott, a member and past President has had his hip replaced. And is doing well so far. 

We have no new members to introduce. Harold welcomed to guests this evening. Bruce Bell introduced 4 guests including his son Brent, who is the speaker for this evening.