Dinner Meeting Minutes - January 16, 2018

QCAC January 16, 2018 Dinner Meeting Minutes

Meeting was opened by Peter van Hee as past president, and advised that Harold Thomas, President was unable to attend.
We had 42 members and guests attend and we had a superb Pork Loin Buffet with all the fixings. Thanks so much to the Curling Club Chef and his staff.

Dinner Meeting Minutes - February 20, 2018

QCAC February 20, 2018 Dinner Meeting Minutes

Harold Thomas welcomed 59 members and guests to a superb chicken buffet, which was enjoyed by all. Many thanks to the Chef and Curling club servers. Thanks to Doug, General Manager who helped us with the enhanced numbers.

We did not have deceased members this month. Harold welcomed first time attendees and new members. He welcomed all the ladies who enjoyed the Orchid corsages, organized by Dave Stafford.

Dinner Meeting Minutes - March 20, 2018

QCAC March 20, 2018 Dinner Meeting Minutes

Meeting was opened at 7:00 P.M. by Harold Thomas, President. We had 59 members and guests attend after a roast Ham Buffet dinner. Once again our thanks the Curling Club Chef and his staff. Pres. Thomas again requested that if you have not been phoned to ascertain if you are coming, please phone Bruce Bell at 604 277-0772 to let him know so that we can improve our accuracy for seating and food planning.

Dinner Meeting Minutes - April 17, 2018

QCAC April 17, 2018 Dinner Meeting Minutes

President Harold Thomas called the meeting to order at 1900 hrs. welcoming the 38 in attendance of which, 29 were eligible to vote at the AGM. He noted that we have no deceased members reported this month. Dave Stafford advised that Delores de Paiva is still not up to scratch, and would welcome a visit. Please call her prior to visiting. Her number is 604 273-4835.

Dinner Meeting Minutes - October 16, 2018

QCAC October 16, 2018 Dinner Meeting Minutes

Meeting was opened by Ed Scott at 1900 hours precisely. He made mention of our change on the January and February meetings to an 1100 hr. social for a 1200 luncheon. Your Committee felt that it might be easier than a darkness drive at that time of the year and prove popular with the membership.

We had 46 members and guests attend and we had a superb roast turkey dinner with all the fixings being that Thanksgiving was the theme for the month. Thanks so much to the Curling Club Chef and his staff.

Ed paid tribute to our deceased members with a moment of silence. Rex Terpening a centenarian and previously well-known and published aircraft engineer who was just shy of his 105th birthday and Delores de Pavia a nonagenarian in her 93rd year who was an agent with T.C.A./Air Canada during her working life.

Dave Stafford in his Captain Flash hat advised that this was the day for the annual “Wings Take Flight” that took 75 boys and 41 girls from Children’s Hospital down to Disneyland. This event is flown and volunteered by Air Canada and by the Pionairs and other Air Canada employees.
He led us in a belated Happy Birthday song for Eva Mossop who at 97 is still volunteering as a Green Coat at CYVR and is a past Secretary of this Club.
Dave also mentioned that Pat McEwan is at the Fairhaven Long Term Care Home, 2720 48 Ave E. Vancouver.

Maureen Otway is again on the high seas. John Laing, as Secretary pro-tem, moved that the minutes of the May meeting and AGM be accepted as published and circulated. The motion was seconded by Harold Thomas. On question the motion Carried.

Bob Rorison, now Membership Chair advised that there were 81 members on the list with 42 paid as of this evening. We would be happy to accept many more applications for Membership.

Bruce Bell, Phoning Committee chair advised that his callers were not advised to mention the change in the January, February meeting times but that he would have them do so at the next opportunity. He also mentioned that if anyone was not notified of this evening’s meeting he would like to know who that he can amend his lists accordingly. He thanked the members on his committee for their time.

Webmaster Alan Rust reported that the website seemed to be working well. He asked if there were any that were experiencing problems to contact him directly. There was a question from the floor regarding a popup phishing message. Alan advised that this was not a web site issue but spam received by some of the executives and has now been resolved.

Treasurer: Harold Thomas presented his report which was essentially the same as at dissolution last April. The report was moved to be accepted by Harold Thomas and the motion was seconded by Bruce Bell. On question the motion passed. The report is as follows:

FINANCIAL REPORT - as of October 16, 2018

Balance - May 1, 2018  $3,563.12
Dinners 0.00    
Dues    60.00    
Other       40.00    
    Total Receipts $3,583.12
Dinner Costs N/A    
Guests N/A    
Office 0.00    
Prizes 0.00    
    Total Expenses $0.00
Balance - April 17, 2018   $3,583.12
The Treasury was financially reviewed by Peter Sleeman to May 1st.

Ill & Distressed was called by the President. It is reported that Gordie Hercus has suffered a stroke over the summer. If you wish to go and see him, call Kay before you go to see that Gordie is up to seeing you. Their phone here in Richmond is 604 277-3298. On a question regarding Art Morrow’s health, the President reported seeing Art at the airport a few months ago and Art seemed well then.

After a short break, Bob Rorison introduced Kandys Merola and her husband Peter.

Kandys gave us an interesting talk on the TB Vet Key Tag program and the interest of TVS Branch No.44 of the Royal Canadian Legion (RCL) in the disease. As much as we think that Tuberculosis has been eradicated, we still average 120 cases per year here in B.C. There is an active 20-bed ward at Vancouver General Hospital of the drug resistant variety. There are about 5 million people around the world that are active carriers of this airborne disease and the carriers may not be ill with it. It can be detected with a skin test. If you have it you can be cured with prescribed a course of antibiotics. As to the Key Tag Program, they have to date returned over 300,000 sets of keys. TVS Branch RCL directly helps our veterans who have contracted TB or have cardio obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD). The more familiar terms 'chronic bronchitis' and 'emphysema' are no longer used but are now included within the COPD diagnosis.

Kandys and Peter left each of us present with an informational brochure, lapel pin and a donor application. Thanked by Bob, we were unable to provide her with the customary hat as they had not yet been made by our supplier. We trust that the bottle of Merlot she won will suffice as our thanks.

Our visitors this evening were introduced. They included Terry Rea and Glenn Stutt (youngest son of Archie Stutt, a Past President of this club now deceased). We hope that they will both become current members.

Lastly, the Draws. As there were no hats, there were two awarded by draw to be given at the next meeting. The recipients were Bob Rorison and Kucki Low. Wine was won by Rob Sheppard, Terry Rea, Eva Mossop, Harold Thomas and Bill Green with a book won and chosen by Mary Lou Rust.

Next Dinner Meeting is on Tuesday, 20 November 2018 and the meal will be as always … GREAT!

John Laing (pro tem)
for Maureen Otway, Secretary.

Dinner Meeting Minutes - November 20, 2018

QCAC November 20, 2018 Dinner Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order by Ed Scott, President at 19:00 hrs. We had a lovely roast beef dinner with all the fixings. We were very happy to advise that no one had passed has away this month. No one advised of any sick members as well.

Membership: Bob Rorison - He advised that we have 47 paid up members. One new member tonight is Claudette Zeiler. Bob asked that all members that have not renewed their membership to please do so.

Calling committee: Bruce Bell - Bruce had 45 replies to this meeting, but we did have a few no shows this month. Can members please advise if you cannot attend as it does effect the numbers we have to guarantee to the Curling Club and we do have to pay for any no shows.

The next QCAC meeting is on Tuesday, January 15, 2019, where we have a Lunch Meeting with Soup and Sandwiches and salads. As its generally dark and cold for most of January and February we are trying lunch for these 2 months to see how it goes. So can you please attend and let us know if this works for you? Dave Stafford presented a bunch of daises, from his garden to Eva Mossop.

Treasurer: Harold Thomas presented the accounts. Brian Mclean 2nd the motion.

FINANCIAL REPORT - May 1, 2018 to November 20, 2018

Balance - May 1, 2018  $3,563.12
Dinners 1100.00    
Dues    640.00    
Other       5.00    
    Total Receipts $1,745.00
Dinner Costs 1211.76    
Guests 55.08    
Office 280.80    
Prizes 37.16    
    Total Expenses $1,584.80
Balance - November 20, 2018   $3,723.32

New business:  Maureen advised that Gordon Hercus has now moved into Courtyard Gardens in Richmond.

Speaker: Peter van Hee introduced our speaker Mr. Alta Alta who was speaking on Medical Cannabis.

  • Alta is an electrical engineer by training. His wife was coming but sent her regrets.
  • Some samples of medical cannabis for viewing.

Alta talked about the fact that as we get older we get more pain in all forms. There are many kinds of drugs curently now available that may or not help you.

The big problem now is with addiction to opiate based drugs. Patients are not always told that these are very addictive. How the drug companies know the dosage is that they make it 100 percent but only use 10 per cent as a treatment.

Regarding medical cannabis dosage.

Prescribed dosage is 10% of what scientists determined would kill a human. How did they find that figure? Answer. By killing rats in a lab. "Lots of dead rats"

Always ask your Medical Doctor about the drugs you may be getting. Marijuana has been used for over 12,000 years... the active ingredients link up with the brain and is caused by evolution.

Medical cannabis has been legal since 2001 in Canada. Quality control is very high. Every batch is tested. The Federal Government issues the licenses for shops and there are 47 already in Vancouver and there are more coming.

There are 2 kinds of plants that have now been hybrid.

Question? Will I get “high” using Cannabis? It’s not likely as you need to have it as a medical context. It contains CBD which does not get you high. The THC component that makes you high has been removed from most medical cannabis.

He advises NOT to smoke marijuana in any form. Vaporizing is ok. Salves are good as you can use them topically, and will last for several hours.

You must speak to your medical practitioner as they will have to sign the form to get registered in order to use it. Always observe the time lines for usage.

Ed Scott thanked our presenter for an interesting presentation. A hat was presented to our speaker.

Now for the prizes...

Kucki Low got her delayed hat as a prize.

Bob Shephard, John Clark, Peter van Hee, Bob McLean and Maureen Otway won wine.

Bill Holloway and Helena Bleasedale won club hats.

Tim Cole won a book.

Meeting closed 2030.

Next meeting is on 15 January 2019 for a LUNCH at 1100 am at the Richmond Curling Club.