Dinner Meeting Minutes - April 16, 2019

QCAC April 16, 2019 AGM Dinner Meeting

In the absence of Ed Scott, after a delicious buffet dinner the meeting was opened by Peter Van Hee.

Peter advised that we have only 64 paid up members this year. As our members are getting older and that the participation is not that good. We need to ask the members why. He thanked all the members who attend regularly. But all members need to be aware that we could be in danger of having to close the club.

John Laing gave a Notice of Motion that should the Club be unable to fill the Directors positions as mandated in our By-laws on or before the Regular Meeting on 17 March 2020, at that meeting I will move or cause to be moved that:

“In accordance with Article 1 of its bylaws this Quarter Century in Aviation Club be dissolved at the Annual General Meeting on 21 April 2020.”

Harold Thomas asked for some input from the floor and asked for members to step forward to help run the club. We are all recycled and need some new blood. So please can we take it in turns and all help in the running of this club.

Several people spoke from the floor and suggested that perhaps we only have one or two meetings a year. Or perhaps fold into another Aviation related club.
Peter asked for a show of hands on which areas the members come from in the lower mainland. Most from the area around Richmond but the rest are spread from all over. So we will proceed to still have 6 meetings a year and see what happens.

First order is the Election of officers for this next year. Nominations are asked from the floor.

The directors that are needed are:

President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Directors at Large to fulfill the following positions: Speakers, Calling Committee etc.

So the following names were put forward and accepted to fill the board. The positions will be decided at the next committee meeting on Jun 4, 2019.

Bruce Bell
Harold Thomas
Maureen Otway
Claudette Zeiler
Bob Rorison
Dave Stafford
Peter van Hee
Cathy Sheridan
Peter Sleeman

Dinner Meeting Minutes - March 19, 2019

QCAC March 19, 2019 Dinner Meeting Minutes

Ed Scott, President welcomed members and guests for this dinner.

We had a minute of silence for members and friends who had passed away.

Membership: Bob Rorison advised that we have one more member. We therefore have 61 paid up members
Telephone committee Bruce Bell had no report.

Archivist Dave Stafford has just celebrated 85 years young. He advised us to look at notices on the board to see news of members and see who has passed away.

Dinner Meeting Minutes - February 19, 2019

QCAC 19 Feb 2019 Lunch Meeting

Ed Scott called the meeting to order at 1300. He welcomed all the members and guests.

He advised that 3 past members had passed away. Robin Hart CP, Ken Dagen CP and Bill Vogel AC.
He asked that we all stand to remember them.

Ed then introduced a new member Mike Harbott CP. Guest Brenda Meynicky was introduced.

Dinner Meeting Minutes - January 15, 2019

QCAC January 15, 2019 Dinner Meeting Minutes

Meeting was opened by President, Ed Scott at 1300.

Ed then advised that Pat McEwen and Dr Bill Doughty have passed away. Alan Rust is coming along quite well.

Ed also told us that Willa Tweed and Gisela Watson have re- joined our club, and Pat Lindeman a new member has joined.

Welcome all.

We also had 2 guests Ron Moore and Jack Pomerleau.

Bob Rorison: Membership advised we now have 53 members paid up. Please can those who have not paid please do so soonest.

Bruce Bell: Telephone comm. He advised we had a very good turnout for our first lunch meeting.

Dave Stafford: Archivist. He pointed out the records of our membership on the table. He suggested our members read them, as they do make interesting reading.