Dinner Meeting Minutes - February 18, 2020

QCAC February 18, 2020 Lunch Meeting

Meeting was opened by Harold Thomas at 12:00.

This was our annual Ladies' Day and a few were present.

Of the 35 in attendance 28 were members. The Curling Club had arranged settings for 32 and had been advised that we were planning for 29.

The venue became concerned that they may not have enough of the entrée.Some had advised that they had not been called prior.

Bruce Bell advised that he would ensure that his calling committee do have the updated lists.

Please, in the future, if you have not been called in advance by a member of the Phoning committee, please call one of the Executive on your
membership card to advise us.

We enjoyed a hot chicken buffet lunch with fixings and desserts with tea and coffee. None present went without. Thanks again to the Curling club for the excellent meal and service.

President Harold then started the Business meeting at 13:00.

He enquired if any present had knowledge of deceased members. The good news was that there were none. On further inquiry regarding sickness, again he was met with silence.

The minutes from last month’s lunch meeting, while available, were short in substance because we were short of Executive members including our
Secretary also away.

The notes taken may be published next time. Of note was that there were three renewals that meeting.