Name: Maureen Otway

Born: Colony of Aden while still a British Colony.

Aviation Association: Lived in Cyprus for 12 years, Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar for several summers. We were in boarding school in UK. Dad was a Colonial Police Chief and my 2 brothers and I flew on "tuck box" specials ass they were called then by BOAC. Earned my 25,000 miles Junior Jet club certificate!!! When I left school went to work for Harrods in London as a junior trainee for 3 years but missed the air travel excitement, so joined BOAC in London in Reservations. Then was posted to Johannesburg to help open the new ticket office there. Was offered a job in Swazi Air at Matsapa airport in Swaziland. I took it and worked with 3 others and the ground staff. We had 1 DC4 and 3 DC3's and then when we became partners with SAA we had a Hawker Sidley 748 to service. Years later came to Vancouver and worked for Qantas for 18 years till the office was closed in 1993. 

Personal Activities: Presently serving as the Secretary for the Quarter Century in Aviation Club.

Favorite Story: Once when the flight on the DC3 was going to Durban we need some more weight, so as we had not more "ballast bags" I and one of the ground crew had to fly to Durban as "ballast". the customs in Durban could not believe it !! Those were the days we had to do the manual load and trim and weigh all passengers on a small bathroom scale!