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1. The name of this Society is “Quarter Century in Aviation Club” hereinafter referred to as the “The Club”

2. The objects of The Club are:

    a. To bring together for social purposes those who have been in or associated with aviation for twenty-five years of more.
    b. To engage in activities which are in accordance with the best interests of aviation.
    c. To facilitate renewal of friendship between members.
    d. To encourage and foster friendship as a worthy enterprise.
    e. To promote social gatherings for members.
    f. To operate as a non profit organization.
    g. To negotiate and secure such insurance as may be necessary or desirable for the protection of The Club, its officers and members from claims arising from their legitimate activities as such.
    h. To acquire, receive and hold such property, equipment, photographs, exhibits or keepsakes as may be desirable for the operation of The Club or in accordance with its objectives.

3. The operations of The Club are to be chiefly in the Vancouver area.


1. Dissolution

The Club may be dissolved by a majority of members in good standing at a meeting specifically called and held for that purpose after giving all members thirty days advance written notice of intent.

2. Fiscal Year

Fiscal year of The Club shall end at the thirty first day of March each year.

3. Accounts, Bills, Cheques, etc.

All accounts shall be paid by cheque. All cheques and bonds or other negotiable instruments of The Club shall be signed by the Treasurer and countersigned by the President or Secretary.

4. Borrowing Powers

The Board of Directors shall have no borrowing powers, neither shall any officer or member or group thereof have any power to borrow money on behalf of The Club.

5. Affiliations

Affiliation with other bodies whose objects are not inimical to the objects of The Club may be made after approval by a majority vote of members in good standing.